Let's face it.  People can walk into shops all over planet Earth and buy inexpensive incense in a thousand different varieties.  Grocery stores, convenience stores, and even roadside stands sell incense that anyone can afford.  You can buy rolls of cheap charcoal for burning herbal incense in New Age stores from coast to coast. 

So why have I launched a business to help people make their own incense or to buy natural incense and incense charcoal?

Because which incense or charcoal people choose to use really does matter! 

For more than 20 years I have endeavored to show people how and why it matters.  Most commercial incense products are loaded with synthetic chemicals and low quality ingredients.  Many are smelly and release potentially toxic chemicals into people's homes and places of worship.  I have been on a quest for decades to bring these issues to the people who buy and use these products.

If you are someone who avoids "synthetic" materials in favor of natural ones, if you are someone who uses incense for meditation or spiritual purposes, or if you simply prefer to understand what is in the products that you buy, you are in the right place.  Even if you never make your own incense, just learning about the process will make you a better informed consumer who can avoid materials that are not desired.  If you want to know what ingredients are in your incense or incense charcoal I am here to help you.

Many people incorrectly believe that they are allergic to incense because of their reactions to synthetic incense or charcoal ingredients.  I hope I can reach such people and give them hope that natural incense and incense charcoal may not give them the same unpleasant results.

I believe in a world where our places of worship and meditation are free from smelly or dangerous incense materials.  I believe in a world where we honor our deities and each other with the amazing gifts of Nature without the unwanted hazards and pitfalls of synthetic chemistry intruding on natural energies.  I hope you do too.

With so many of us staying at home because of the Covid-19 outbreak, there's never been a better time to try incense making.  Until this threat has passed us by, and life returned to normal, I will offer free shipping on all orders from my website.  We're in this together!
Whether you use incense for pleasure, meditation, or ritual, the incense you choose says a great deal about you.  Many people choose to use incense laden with synthetic chemicals and artificial scents.  The Incense Dragon turns his nose up at such unnatural creations!

Incense, and incense charcoals, don't need to contain dangerous chemicals or artifical ingredients.  Using the gifts given to us by Nature, we can craft incense that is a natual blessing rather than a petrochemical disaster.

Whether you want to learn about the many ways that incense is made, want to buy kits or materials for making your own incense, or you just want to purchase fine, hand-crafted incense and incense charcoal, The Incense Dragon is here to grant your wishes.  The Dragon sells only natural incense and all of the incense with his brand is made in the USA using the finest ingredients from around the world.

Unique Products For You
If your incense isn't natural...what is it?
New Products
This Spring has brought a nice expansion of the incense making supplies I have to offer.  For the first time in many years, I now have bamboo "splits" used for making masala-style incense sticks.  They are thin, smooth, and awesome.  I have also expanded from one wood binder to 4 different kinds.  I plan to add another gum binder in the next few weeks as well.  I may have found a reliable source for some more new products, so keep an eye out for new offerings such as wood powders, incense making kits that use wood binders, powdered charcoal, and more.