Guar gum is a natural mucilage gum binder that is often used in food and cosmetic products.  I've used guar gum more than any other binder.  It is virtually scentless and very strong.  This package will make over 1,000 average-sized incense cones or sticks.
Gum Binders
Once you get bitten by the incense making "bug", you'll find that using the right tools and supplies is a key to making incense exactly the way you want it.  Although you can make incense with virtually no tools aside from your hands, having a good quality tool can make a big difference.

Finding the right binders and other ingredients can be especially challenging.  All of the supplies that I offer are professional quality and are the same materials that I use for creating the incense you'll find for sale on my site.
$5.00 (1 oz)
Gum binders are powerful and flexible for making incense.  They are the "glue" that holds many kinds of incense together.  Gum binders are appropriate for making cones, joss sticks, masala sticks, coils, and cylinders.  They are definitely all purpose binders that should be in the toolbox of every natural incense maker.  All of the gum binders that I sell are essentially interchangeable.  Each has its own "personality" but you can use the same quantity of binder regardless of which gum binder you choose.  For many incense blends, for every 2 teaspoons of incense powder, add 1/8 teaspoon of gum binder.  If you want to make masala-style incense sticks (with a wooden rod in the center), you should use 1/4 teaspoon of gum binder if your mix isn't adhering to the wood properly.
$5.00 (1 oz)
Xanthan gum is produced by a bacteria.  It is a common thickener used in many foods.  It produces a "smoother" finish than other gum binders, but it is equal in strength to others.  This package will make over 1,000 average-sized incense cones or sticks.
Incense Extruder 2.0

Finally there's an extruder that doesn't require hand strength to use!  With its threaded plunger and wide handle, Extruder 2.0 makes it faster and easier than ever to make professional looking incense sticks at home.

NEW!  Extruder 2.0 now comes with a second, wider tip for making Tibetan/Nepalese style joss sticks.  The bigger tip can also be used to make masala-style incense sticks.

The Original Extruder

An extruder is a must-have for any serious home incense maker.   This modified "clay gun" has a special tapered tip that produces smooth, consistent joss-style incense sticks.  It uses a syringe-style plunger and is made from thick metal.

Includes complete instructions for use.
Wood Binders
$10.00 (4 oz)
Most properly known as "tabu no ki", this wood binder is more commonly called "makko" or "jiggit".  This is the most widely used incense binder in the world.  Unlike gum binders, incense that binds with a wood binder will need to be 30% to 40% binder.  By contrast, gum binders make up about 5% of most blends.

This high quality makko is perfect for making incense sticks, cones or other shapes.  It is often used when burning incense "trails".  It is sometimes used in place of charcoal for burning "loose" incense.
If your incense isn't natural...what is it?