Unlike most incense cones you can buy, each cone from The Incense Dragon is rolled by hand and carefully dried.  My cones are made from woods, resins, and gums found in nature.  I never use "fragrance oils", dipropelyene gylcol (DPG) or other petroleum products.  Cones are made in small batches and carefully dried before being packaged for your enjoyment.
Incense Cones
This is where it all started.  I began making natural incense in 1995 and over the years have worked hard to develop incense that is free from synthetic ingredients, "extenders", and potassium nitrate.  Natural incense cones can take a little llonger to light, but once lit the powers of natural are released in a unique way.  All of my incense is hand-crafted in my shop in Oregon.
Dragon Drops
If your incense isn't natural...what is it?
7 Cones     $5.00
Dragon's Blood is a resin that looks like thick, dark red blood when harvested.  It dries into a hard resin that can be powdered and incorporated into amazing incense.  The dark and mysterious scent of Dragon's Blood is unmistakeable and desired by incense users around the world.

This incense contains only red sandalwood, dragon's blood resin, clove, and a natural gum binder.  It is made using unprocessed water from Oregon's Willamette river.
Dragon's Blood
Four Quarters was one of the first truly amazing scents that I ever created.  The original intent was to create incense with one aromatic to represent each of the cardinal directions (North, South, East, West).  Once I began to offer it to people it quickly gained popularity just for its scent alone.  To me, Four Quarters incorporates misty echos of ancient temples from all corners of the world.

This incense contains only red sandalwood, black copal, patchouli, myrrh, clove, and a natural gum binder.  It is made using unprocessed water from Oregon's Willamette river.

Four Quarters
7 Cones     $5.00
This style of incense is known by names such as "incense pellets", "moist incense", and "kneaded incense" (or in Japanese "nerikoh").  This is possibly the oldest form of rolled incense.  Unlike incense cones, incense pellets require an external heat source, such as charcoal.  Gently heating one of these pellets will release an amazing, perfume scent.  They never flame, they just gently smolder.  As with all of the products I make, my Dragon Drops never contain synthetic ingredients or saltpeter.  My Dragon Drops are aged for at least a year before offered for sale to ensure a smooth, blended scent.
My Nerikoh blend is based on traditional Japanese recipes that are hundreds of years old.  Nerikoh (neer-ee-co) is the incense blend that is traditionally used as part of the famed Japanese Tea Ceremony. 

My blend combines clove, cinnamon, star anise, and benzoin in a base of sandalwood with a touch of alder wood charcoal.  This aromatic blend is then mixed with just enough natural honey to bind it into the pellet shape.  Enjoy my modern interpretation of an ancient Japanese classic with Nerikoh from The Incense Dragon.

10 Pellets        $5.00
Original Scent
Original Dragon Drops are a unique blend of dragon's blood resin, tarragon ("Little Dragon"), clove, and benzoin ("Friar's Balsam") in a base of alder wood and charcoal.  This treasure trove of aromatics is then blended with natural honey to form amazing natural incense pellets.  These Dragon Drops provide a powerful, dark, sensual aroma that lasts for hours. 

10 Pellets        $5.00