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For nearly 20 years The Incense Dragon has been teaching people how to make incense and selling kits to make it even easier.  While the kits have changed through the years, the goal has always been the same; making incense crafting accessible to everyone.

Just as with incense and charcoal from The Incense Dragon, all incense making kits and ingredients are natural and free from synthetic fragrances and other artificial ingredients.
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If your incense isn't natural...what is it?
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Natural Incense Making Kit

With this kit you can experience ancient ideas and modern practices combined.  You will soon be an incense maker and you will have joined the small, but important, group that makes incense use possible for everyone else.  This kit makes it as easy as possible.  All of the ingredients are pre-measured.  You only have to add water and you will become an incense maker.  The kit comes complete with 5 incense mixes, mixing sticks, gloves (non-latex), liquid measuring took, and complete instructions.  The kit includes mixes for dragon's blood, white sage, frankincense, friar's balsam (benzoin), and patchouli.  The kit also includes a special recipe sheet for combining the mixes into other unique incense blends.
Incense is an important part of magick and ritual.  Shouldn't your incense be pure and natural?  Natural incense is a gift from the Earth that is loaded with energy, so why would you want to use synthetic, sometimes dangerous, artificially scented incense?

Hidden Garden
Natural Incense Making Kit

Imagine having a secret garden hidden in your home.  There's really no need to imagine, because the Hidden Garden incense making kit will transform any room into your own personal Eden.  It comes with just-add-water incense powders to make lavender, rosemary, and white sage incense sticks, cones, and more.  You can even combine the different powders to create your own unique incense blends!  Includes 3 pre-mixed incense powders, mixing sticks, gloves (non-latex), liquid measuring tool, and complete instructions.
Incense Extruder

This tool is a must-have for any serious home incense maker.   This modified "clay gun" has a special tapered tip that produces smooth, consistent joss-style incense sticks.  You can even make masala-style incense (the kind with a wooden rod) by extruding a stick and inserting a toothpick in one end.

Includes complete instructions for use.

Other Shopping
Kit Refills

In addition to the "just add water" incense making packets available in my kits I also offer refill packages.  These are just like the mixes included in the kits.  Just add a little water to one of these refills and roll your own sticks, cones, coils, cylinders, and more.  Each refill is complete with base, binder, and aromatic.  Available in a variety of scents.
$5.00 each
Incense Blend
Incense Extruder 2.0
Finally there's an extruder that doesn't require hand strength to use!  With its threaded plunger and wide handle, Extruder 2.0 makes it faster and easier than ever to make professional looking incense sticks at home.

Introductory Price $22.00
for a limited time