While there are a few types of natural incense charcoal available for sale, the major brands most often purchased by incense users are filled with potassium nitrate, high-tar coal, or other undesirable ingredients that cause the charcoal to smell terrible and burn far too hot for most incense ingredients.

Charcoal from The Incense Dragon is made from 2 ingredients: natural, handcrafted charcoal and a natural gum binder.  That's it!  No leftover wood scraps from the plywood industry or smelly chemical oxidizers are used.  The result is charcoal that burns evenly with virtually no scent.
Although my ceremonial charcoal can be used every day if you'd like, these very large, thick charcoals are made for special occasions.  Each pack comes with 4 different charcoals, each in a different leaf shape.  The veins of these charcoal "leaves" are highlighted using colored mica.  Unlike most incense charcoals, each pack of my ceremonial charcoals are made from a different type of wood.  While the scent of the different woods used are muted in the char process, each still retains that special energies of the wood that was used.  All of these charcoals slope towards the center, so any resins or other ingredients that tend to liquify will always run back towards the center of the charcoal.

Each "leaf" is seperately sealed so it will not be exposed to the air or moisture until you are ready to use it.

Ceremonial Charcoal
America's Homegrown Incense Charcoal
Alder Wood Ceremonial Charcoal
4 Leaf Shaped Charcoals $7.50 
Oak Ceremonial Charcoal
4 Leaf Shaped Charcoals $7.50 
Hickory Ceremonial Charcoal
4 Leaf Shaped Charcoals $7.50 
Daily Use Charcoal
For those days that aren't a special occasion, try my Daily Use incense charcoals.  These charcoals are made using wood grown in America's Pacific Northwest and carefully charred using a wood fire.  The char is then powdered and blended with a natural gum binder to create steady-burning, low-scent charcoals.  Light one edge of a charcoal tablet and once it starts to glow along that edge, the charcoal is ready to use.

White Ash (censer filler)
Your censer (incense burner) needs a proper fill material to give you its best results.  Sand, salt, and other materials can be used, but for maximum utility and performance you should use a filler that can hold a shape and, most importantly, trap oxygen beneath the surface.

Have you ever had an incense cone that wouldn't burn to the end?  Would you like to be able to burn joss sticks on their sides so there is no leftover little "nub" that doesn't burn?  Using the right fill material can help.

Natural Censer Filler from The Incense Dragon is made from the same mineral material that major Japanese incense companies sell under the name "white ash".  Although it is not an ash, it is a natural mineral material that is ideal for use in any style censer.  It is perfect for "kodo style" incense burning or just daily charcoal use.  Filler from The Incense Dragon gives you 2 full ounces (enough to fill 2 medium sized censers/koros or 4 small censers) at an unbeatable price.  My filler is sourced from material harvested in the USA.

Natural Censer Filler
2 ounces        $5.00