Incense: Crafting & Use of Magickal Scents (2nd Edition)
I self-published my first incense making booklet at a local copy shop in 1995.  That grew to two booklets and then three. 

In 2003 Llewellyn published my first incense making book.  I have had 4 more books published since then.  I am excited to offer them to you here.  If you would like your book signed, just let me know and I will be happy to do that.

Incense Magick
When you aren't making incense, you can still read about it.
Not many authors get the chance to go back and re-write their first book.  I was thrilled when Llewellyn enthusiastically agreed to publish this updated version.  11 years after the first edition was published, this new and expanded version includes new techniques, a massive expansion of the ingredient chart, twice as many recipes as the original edition, and all new illustrations.

Everyone at Llewellyn did an awesome job creating this greatly expanded version of the book while holding true to the look and feel of the original.  The new illustrations truly enhance the text and are beautifully drawn.  I hope that this new edition finds a home on the bookshelf of anyone who uses incense.

Even if you never make a single stick or cone of incense, understanding how incense is made is critical information for anyone who buys incense.

Crate Inspiring Aromatic Experiences for Your Craft

Incense Magick will introduce you to an amazing, hidden world of scent, magick, and energy.  It will teach you how to use the hugely varied types of incense found around the world.  This book explains in straightforward, easy to understand, terms how to move well beyond lighting a stick of incense purchased at the local convenience store and plunge readers into the joyous world of incense pellets, buried charcoal, incense seals, and even hidden incense trails that only reveal themselves as they burn. The book takes the simple and oft repeated phrase "light your incense" to a whole new level.

The writing style is like listening to an old friend.  From "redecorating" a room with the perfect scent to intricate incense rituals and ceremonies, this book will teach you about more forms of incense than most people ever thought possible. Based on 15 years of research, experimentation, and advice from incense masters around the world, Incense Magick brings together ancient and modern techniques for using incense that have never before been printed.

The book offers 17 different meditations, rituals, castings, and even incense games that can be played at home.  The rituals and spells are not specific to any tradition or school of magick and can be easily adapted for use by anyone.  The energy raised from these techniques will astonish you and bring incense to the forefront of your practices.  When you finish reading this book you will be astonished at what you can do with once-humble incense.  Even the most experienced incense users will learn new techniques from this book.

Imbolc: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Brigid's Day
Writing this book was a wonderful adventure.  I thought I understood this sabbat until I started doing serious research.  Because of this wonderful experience, Imbolc is now one of my very favorite Sabbats. 
From the publisher: A well-rounded introduction to Imbolc, this attractive book features rituals, recipes, lore, and correspondences. It includes hands-on information for modern celebrations, spells and divination, recipes and crafts, invocations and prayers, and more!

Imbolc-also known as Brigid's Day-is a time to start making plans for the future, sowing the fields of the land as well as the mind. This guide to the history and modern celebration of Imbolc shows you how to perform rituals and magic to celebrate and work with the energy of the re-awakening earth.

The Magick Toolbox
After selling altar tools for some years, I wanted to offer a guide for consumers. This was not only to guide readers in the use of tools but also to point out how easy it is to find or create tools for far less money, and with far greater impact, than tools purchased from vendors like me. For years before writing this book I had also been selling altar sets and very popular portable altar sets. I still giggle when I think back to those first sets that I sold. I truly believed I was being an inovator and had created the first such kits in history. As I did more research I quickly learned that not only was not an original idea and in fact there were such sets from archeological digs that predated written history. So much for innovation! I did include a section in this book on creating protable kits.

Researching, writing, and lecturing about this book taught me many things. For one, people who use magickal tools are fiercly loyal to their methods of use. Introducing a new way to use an old tool is tricky at best in some settings. I also learned that people who use tools regularly have a blast assembling a portable set.

I continue to extend my thanks to my good friend Leo Mabry for handling the photography for this book.

Although this book is currently out of print, I do have a few new copies available.

Inciensos: Preparación y uso de las esencias mágicas
¿Que contiene su incienso? La mayoría de los inciensos son fabricados con materiales inflamables y fragancias de aceites sintéticos. Utilizar inciensos creados con ingredientes naturales, cuidadosamente mezclados con sus manos, es la mejor forma de honrar a las diosas por medio del humo. En esta obra, el maestro de los inciensos le mostratrá cómo fabricar un incienso natural, puro y con los poderes requeridos

Sin importar su uso―ya sea para rituales mágicos o para refrescar su ambiente―este libro lo convertirá en un creador de inciensos. Muchos de los ingredientes y herramientas necesarias las encontrará en su propia cocina.
Incense: Crafting & Use of Magickal Scents (1st Edition)
My first published book, Incense is an introduction to making combustible (self-burning) incense. This book teaches readers to make sticks, cones, cylinders, coils, and even moist incense (also called incense pellets or nerikoh). It offers recipes, aromatics guides, rolling and drying instructions, and even includes a troubleshooting guide for those times when you just can't figure out why your incense isn't burning the way you'd like it to.

This is a book that I'd wanted to write for some years, but like many unpublished writers I felt discouraged about the propects of getting any book published. Thanks to some sage advice from British author Chrissie Wildwood, I was encouraged to submit my idea to publishers. You'll never know how shocked I was when Llewellyn responded quickly to my proposal and in a matter of months the book was working its way through the publishing process. While I don't get to talk to Chrissie much these days, I will always be in her debt for giving me a solid nudge at just the right moment.

Quantities of 1st Edition copies are very  limited.  While supplies last.